The Jets Sucking is Going to Make this NFL Season Great Again.

The Jets are going to suck this year. By all accounts they are in full tank mode. There is a good chance they will win less than 4 games. They will probably still play the Pats tough in one of their games as they usually do, but the idea of them playing god-awful football for 4 months makes me giddy.  Hopefully Christian Hackenburg gets to play QB because if this report is any indication of what to expect, yea buddy!!

When Hackenberg misses… he really misses. He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I’m not talking about a receiver falling down. I’m saying the defender just dropped the ball.

Other times, the wideout/running back/tight end was wide open, and Hackenberg sailed it over his head or bounced it to him. That can’t happen. In the three media-open OTAs, Hackenberg hit reporters with passes twice. “

Almost 8 INTS during OTAs is pretty horrific, but throw in the hitting reporters with two passes and golly gee, we have another horrible* NFL QB on our hands. Who happens to play for the Jets. God bless America.

*It continues to amaze me that there are not 32 people out of 7 billion on Earth that can play quarterback in the NFL competently. Absolutely mind-boggling.

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