I Really Hope Kelly Clarksons’ Family Beat Amy Schumers’ in Family Feud.

Kelly Clarkson and Amy Schumer in a battle on the Feud? Where do I sign up? I did not know this was happening but I have to watch it. Two of my favorite things on the planet are Family Feud and Kelly Clarkson.  I really hope Team Clarkson wins because judging from those two clips, Amy Schumer is beating her dead horse of an act. I know she’s successful and I am just a person writing to myself on this thing, but seriously she needs to move past the “i like to have sex” jokes. “PUSH IT DOWN!!” Oh I get it, so the guy will eat you out and what girl doesn’t like that, amirite ladies? So funny. Also, the only reason a guy would look better with clothes on is obviously because he has small dick. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that he is fat, hairy and no muscle tone. Not that I would know about those things. If there is a higher being, let Kelly win. Its what America has wanted since 2002.

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