Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Got the Internet Mad at Her.

When I was a teenager in the ’90s Cindy Crawford was the hottest woman on the planet. Her, Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson and Savannah the porn star(RIP) were my Mt. Rushmore of SpankBank material. So when you take Cindy’s Hall of Fame looks and put them together with the quality looks of Rande Gerber, its no surprise that their offspring is attractive. What is also no surprise is the internet being up in arms over their daughter posting a pic of herself in a bathrobe on Instagram.KaiaGerber Apparently I am out of the loop because I have never heard of Kaia Gerber. A quick google search and it appears that she is following in her mothers footsteps and becoming a model. Which is all  good, because she looks well on her way to achieving the same level of success as Cindy.  And I agree, the picture she put up is a little provocative. But without these people getting upset about it I never would have known it existed. Know why? BECAUSE I DON’T FOLLOW A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL ON INSTAGRAM.  I have nieces around her age and have no clue what their Instagram accounts are like because again, I do not follow them. But Kaia Gerber hits the genetic lottery and somehow has 1.4 MILLION people seeing every picture she takes. So before you go crazy about what a 15 year old girl is doing on Instagram, just realize that you are about to go crazy about what a 15 year old girl is doing on Instagram, you maniacs.

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