The Umpire Who Saved that Lady from the Bridge is Kind of a Dick.

By now,  I am sure some of you (me) have heard about the MLB umpire who helped talk a woman off the ledge of the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh. Now, to be sure, John Tumpane had nothing but the best intentions when he saw the lady looking down on the Alleghany. I think that any good person would try and help someone in such deep despair. stephenasmith

I think this guy is kind of a dick. A dick full of good intentions, but a dick nonetheless. Think about it. Life can be a cruel, fickle bitch sometimes. Rodney Dangerfield  referred to waking up every day as facing the “heaviness.” The decision to jump off a bridge does not come lightly. So imagine finally having the balls to take control of your life and then Johnny Do-Gooder comes along and ruins everything. This poor lady is probably a million times more depressed now because she never made it to the water. Failing at suicide is the worst thing that could happen to a depressed person. Now she is going to have family and friends surrounding her 24/7 to make sure she doesn’t do the one thing in life she wants to do with it. End it. I feel for this lady. If everyone just walked around with earbuds turned up and heads turned down, tragedies like this wouldn’t happen.

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