David Price and Dennis Eckersley Had a Confrontation

David Price pitched last night. I think he pitched pretty good, all things considered. It was his seventh start since coming off the DL and he pitched 7 solid innings, allowing three runs, 6 hits, striking out 7 and most importantly, no walks. He seems to be rounding into form, which makes this report from Nick Cafardo so disappointing. I watched most of the game last night and Eck was effusive in his praise for Price’s start. I did miss the play where Price forgot to cover first on a ground ball, and from the one highlight I saw of the play, it seemed as if Eck was about to give Price an earful.

If whatever Eck said after that is the reason for the altercation, shame on Price. It should be no secret to all of you (me) that I have no patience for the Boston media. But Eck is one of the good ones and Price did forget to cover first. That is one of those plays were the commentators will always say “They work on that play the first day of spring training, no excuse to not cover the bag there.” And they are right. Price is wrong in this situation. If that is in fact what the confrontation was actually about. It could have been about anything. I think just the fact that a confrontation happened does not bode well for Price and his future in Boston. I hope I am wrong, as I am a big fan of Price and think when he is on top of his game, he is one of the best pitchers around, playoffs be damned. (Though nobody seems to remember him killing the Sox’ chances in ALCS GM 7 back in ’08.) In a perfect world, Price becomes the dominant ace he can be, the media backs off and we all bask in playoff riches come October. Is that too much to ask? Unfortunately in Boston, the answer to that is usually yes. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.


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