Happy No More Pablo Sandoval Day!


Even if the Red Sox lose to the Yankees tonight in the second half opener, they have already won the day. It was announced earlier that Pablo Sandoval, he of the belt-busting swings, was designated for assignment. Now as all of you (me) may know, I do not care about the size of a baseball players contract. If a billionaire wants to pay somebody a lot of money to play on their team, who am I to get mad at the contract? All I ask is that the player be productive to a certain degree. And I’m pretty sure we (me) can all agree that Panda just sucked at everything while a member of the Sox. He had a horrible first year, from being caught on Instagram during a game to just flat out sucking in the field. He showed up his second season having to defend comments that got the contract he wanted and didn’t feel like working out as a result. Good move. On top of that he played for like a week before being put on the DL with said broken belt. And this year was just more of the same. I don’t know the guy as a person but reports out of San Fran when he left suggested he wasn’t a team guy and nothing I have seen/heard during his time in Boston gives me any indication those reports were false. Sometimes you just have to cut the cord, not matter how big it is. Good luck and good riddance, Panda.

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