National Day of Something or Other

I am in a couple of different group text chains (so popular am I) and this week I got bombarded with mentions of National Teacher Day and National Nurses Week etc. etc. Now I am not going to downplay the significance that teachers and nurses play in our lives, but it got me wondering about how there is a “National Day of Something or Other” every day. So I looked it up on the google machine and came across the National  Day calendar. It is a list of every day and what is being celebrated that day. For instance, today, May 10 is the national day of: The State of Washington, Lipids, Clean Your Room Day and Shrimp. All this got me thinking that I should honor every day of the year for the next 365 days. My promise to you (nobody) is that I will record and post everything that is possible for me to do for the next year. Without further ado, here is what I have done to celebrate May 10.

National Washington Day- This is a day to celebrate the state of Washington and since today is a Thursday, I can think of no better way to show my appreciation for the Pacific Northwest than by watching Greys Anatomy. Taking place in Seattle, it tells the tale of Meredith Grey and what goes on inside the halls of Grey/Sloan Memorial Hospital.

National Lipids Day- The purpose is to raise awareness for Dyslipidemia, which is an abnormal amount of lipids in ones system. If you suffer from Dyslipidemia, you are most likely similar to me, a fatass. Its the leading cause of cardio vascular disease in the country. In order to help raise awareness here is me doing 10 jumping jacks.

National Clean Your Room Day- Pretty self explanatory. Here are some before and after photos.

National Shrimp Day- Again, self explanatory. Here I am eating a delicious shrimp dish from work. Come see me at the Brick and Beam in Quincy!

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