National Day Challenge. May 11th

Today’s challenges were pretty easy. First up: National Provider Day, which is just another reason to thank people who care for children. One group text (5 people) is all teachers/mothers. Easy peasy.

Next up is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I have one friend who is stationed in Japan right now so a quick little note to his wife and I had two down pretty early in the day.

Third we have National Twilight Zone Day. For this I’m just supposed to say which episode of the Twilight zone is my favorite and use the hashtag #NationalTwighlightZoneDay. Smooth sailing here. The calendar may say today is National Eat What You Want Day but my belly says I celebrate that every day. So here’s a picture of my lunch, courtesy of Master Wok. Last for today was harder than I expected. National Foam Roller Day. My plan was to buy a foam roller and be done with it. However those things cost like 40 bucks. #ripoffcity. So I did the next best thing and just used it in the store. Not that fun. No idea why people use those things. That’s all for today. See you(me) tomorrow.

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