National Day Challenge May 12-15

Had a lot to do over the weekend between work and acknowledging all the National Days. Didn’t get to celebrate all of them (sorry, frog-jumping) but was able to nail down quite a few.  First up May 12.

Miniature Golf Day- The weather sucked but luckily there is an indoor Monster Mini Golf in Norwood. I took my oh-so-happy to help me out girlfriend there and whooped that ass. Here we are finishing the 18th hole.  

Archery Day- I’ve got pretty good aim.

Nutty Fudge Day- Delicious. Two days in a row with food. Not good.

Babysitters Day- I manage a restaurant and the staff is mostly women under the age of 25. So I’m just gonna pat myself on the back for this one.

Odometer Day- No clue why these need to be celebrated, but here is a picture of one.img_1865

Fibromyalgia Awareness- According to the Lyrica ad I always see, Fibromyalgia sucks. According to the Lyrica ad I always see, so does Lyrica.

National Limerick Day- I really hope the Celtics win the East. That asshole Lebron is a beast. If the Cs win in the Garden. Hopefully next comes Harden. Cuz I want to see the Warriors the least.

May 13

National Crouton Day- Being a manager at a 3 star restaurant has its perks. Free croutons is one of them.img_1867

National Fruit Cocktail and National Apple Pie Day- I combined these two for a perfect midnight snack.

May 14

National Buttermilk Biscuit Day- These were not good.

Dance Like a Chicken Day- Alexa is very helpful.

Underground America Day-Celebrating people that live underground, I tried to acknowledge this day by watching BioDome. I got to this part 28 minutes into it and had to turn it off. Putrid.

Womens Checkup Day- Not everything can be publicized.

May 15

Chocolate Chip Day- More food. Pretty sure doing all this will cause me to gain 200 lbs.

Nylon Stocking Day- A nice little homage to Martin Short in “Three Fugitives.”

It was a busy few days and I gained 5 lbs but its worth it when I see the look on all of your(mine) faces.

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