National Day Challenge May 16-18

A few more days, a lot more national days to acknowledge. Just an FYI to all (none) of you reading this, I try my best to get to all the national days, but some are just damn near impossible. But it is my promise to you (me) that I will get to at least 2-3 a day until National Skydiving Day, at which point, I’m out. Lets get to the challenges.

May 16.

National Coquille Saint Jacques Day- Ill let the video do the explaining.

Honor Our LGBT Elders Day- I don’t know many old LGBT people but the trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody” just came out and Freddy Mercury is a badass, so lets take a look at that.

National Piercing Day- Again, Ill let the video speak for itself.


National Love a Tree Day- Sent a nice text to my super hippy dippy earth loving friend.

May 17th-

Cherry Cobbler Day-


Walnut Day-


May 18th

Pizza Party Day-



Bike to Work Day- The only bike I had available belongs to my 10 year old niece. Not sure it could handle me and my fatness.

Cheese Souffle Day- This stupid idea of mine is eventually cause me to gain 400 lbs but I’m stuck on a double today and don’t have time to make a souffle. This post will be updated when I get to make one in a couple of days.

No Dirty Dishes Day- A day to not do dishes, so just like any other day at my house. Doing dishes sucks.

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day-I am not aware of there being a vaccine for HIV or else Freddy Mercury would still be here.

Visit Your Relatives Day- I live with my brother so again, just like any other day at my house. As for the rest of my family, they know where I am.

NASCAR Day- Might be the quickest I ever got a like on the twitter machine.

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