National Day Challenge May 19-22

Lotta things to catch up on since Saturday. I realized I should have weighed myself before I started this. Every other day is some kind of food I have to eat, none of it ever being healthy. Hopefully National Exercise for 4 Hours Day is coming up soon. Lets get started with Saturday.


May 19th

Armed Services Day- Sent a note to my buddy stationed in Japan to let him know I appreciate him. armedservicesday


Devils Food Cake Day- 

May 20th 

Quiche Lorraine Day-  

Pick Strawberries Day- 

Be A Millionaire Day- I’m nowhere close to being a millionaire, but I wouldn’t mind  being one.  

May 21

Memo and Waitstaff Appreciation Day- These are two separate days but since I am a restaurant manager, I sent my staff a memo to let them know how much I kind of like what they are doing. WaitstaffMemo

Strawberries and Cream Day- Every day with something that makes me fatter and fatter.


May 22nd

Buy a Musical Instrument Day- It was either this or a ukulele and this was the only one i could reach. 

Solitaire Day- I think I’ve won at Clock Solitaire 3 times in my life.

Vanilla Pudding Day- One more day of just getting fat.




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