National Day Challenge May 23-27

Been a long four days since I last updated this for all (none) of you. But I’ve been busy fulfilling my obligation to make sure that every(as many as I deem sensible) national day gets acknowledged. Without further ado:

May 23

Lucky Penny Day- It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be to find a penny on the ground. Granted I only looked on three roads by my house but I eventually did find one. Follow me on my journey, wont you?


Taffy Day- I attempted to make taffy but came out with something resembling a Werthers Original. So I had to make alternate plans. 


May 24

Escargot Day- More like EscarNO day, amirite???  


Brothers Day- Pretty simple. Just a couple of text messages and boom.


Scavenger Hunt Day- It was super dead at work so I had one of the servers run around the restaurant looking for clues. Here are the clues I hid throughout. I didn’t feel right videotaping her as she did it plus I was working so there is that.


May 25th

Tap Dancing Day- I do not know how to tap dance. But I still look damn good. 

Heat Awareness Day- It was pretty hot outside on Friday and I was very aware of it. 

Don’t Fry Day- Not sure if this falling on a Friday is on purpose or not, but I did my best to not let the sun win the day. 

Missing Children Day- Still the best PSA for missing children I have ever seen. 

Wine Day- Finally some booze makes it way onto the national day challenge. I recently went to Napa with my lovely girlfriend and we had some wine sent back. This was a nice smooth Tempranillo from the fine people at Vincent Arroyo Winery. Delicious with dinner. 

May 26th

Blueberry Cheesecake Day- Really can’t wait for National Pilates Day or National Run Until You Lose 15 LBs Day. 

May 27th

Cellophane Tape Day- An old prank but a good one. Wrapping someones keys in cellophane. Little bonus footage is of the subject of the prank finding her keys and starting to unwrap them. 

Grape Popsicle Day- Yes! Another junk food item! But at least this one was able to cool me down as the temperature in my office soared into the 80s. 



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