National Day Challenge May 28-May 31

There was a lot of stuff this week. A lot of food, a lot of talking and most importantly, a lot of laughs. Lets jump right in.

May 28th

Brisket Day- Went to the Red Sox game with my lovely girlfriend and her family. Stopped at Sweet Cheeks BBQ for lunch beforehand and I was able to snag some delicious brisket. Some delishkit. brisket

Cheeseburger Day- We planned to grill at my house after the game, but a few free drinks at the EMC club and couple rooftops later we decided that Shake Shack was the way to go for cheeseburgers. Cheeseburger

Memorial Day- Lauren was able to snap this pic for me as we drove past the Common on our way to the Seaport.  memorial day

May 29th

Coq Au Vin and Paperclip Day- I was able to combine these two holidays. Coq Au Vin is the classic French dish consisting of braised chicken. A paper clip is the classic office supply. 

May 30th

Mint Julep Day- Not sure why this isn’t on Derby Day as its the only day of the year people drink these abominations. 

Hole in My Bucket Day- The legendary childrens tune about a man and his bucket. Sung by the legendary voice of a generation. 

Water A Flower Day- My neighbors flowers looked thirsty so I gave them something to drink. 

May 31

World No Tobacco Day- I have not had a cigarette in over five years so every day is No Tobacco Day for me.

Macaroon, Speak in Sentences and Save Your Hearing Day- I was able to put all three of these together. 

Pretty busy week. Back at it again today and tomorrow and the day after that.



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