National Day Challenge June 8-11

Another fun filled four days of stuffing my face and getting high. Lets get started with Friday, June 8th.


June 8th

Upsy Daisy Day- My brother would not let me throw him up in the air so I had to use the next best things, cats. 

Pick Your Poison Day- Thankfully I didn’t pick the wild card. 

Best Friends Day-Sent out lovely messages to my lovely girlfriend and one to my brother from another mother.


Oceans Day-  Still my favorite Ocean.

June 9th

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie/Rose Day- I put these two together because I needed something to wash down my homemade pie with. Quite the delightful combination. 

Donald Duck Day- I know I say Daffy Duck in the video but I ensure you that this is my Donald Duck impression. I hate Daffy Duck. 

June 10th

Black Cow Day- Since it is also Herbs and Spices Day, I was going to put a bunch of herbs and spices on a burger to kill two birds, but apparently Black Cow is another name for a root beer float. My fatass did not mind at all. 

Iced Tea Day- Always refreshing. 

Herbs and Spices Day- I did end up using these on a cow product, so win win.


Ballpoint Pen Day- Took me a little longer to find one of these than I expected. 


June 11th

Corn on the Cob Day- Ill save you guys a video of watching me eat corn on the cob but it was just as you would expect it to be. Buttery goodness.corncob

Making Life Beautiful Day- I played in a golf tournament sponsored by Guinness for free during the day and saw Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart perform together at night with my lovely girlfriend. Life was beautiful today. stewartchappelle

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