National Day Challenge June 16-18

Busy weekend with work, Fathers Day and watching the US Open. (RIP, Phil Mickelsons’ integrity) Also busy with stuffing my face because every other day is some kind of junk food I have to shovel down my stupid throat. Lets get started.

June 16

Fudge Day- Couldn’t find any actual fudge so did the next best thing and ate a fudge brownie. 

June 17

Fathers Day- Had most of the dads in my family over for a BBQ and to watch the final round of the US Open. DJ really screwed me.

Stewarts Root Beer Day- Pretty good root beer if I must say so myself. 

Cherry Tart/Apple Strudel/Eat Your Vegetable Day- Put all three of these together. The buttery julienne vegetables are a nice contrast to the sweet and sugar filled tart and strudel. 

June 18

Splurge Day- I try not to eat these things that often because its like 11 bucks for the package but man are these prosciutto wrapped mozzarella amaze-balls are so good. 

Not a lot going on these couple days. Really can’t wait for national lose 75 lbs day.

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