National Day Challenge June 22-26

Packed a lot into 5 days. More eating and eating. Lets get started.

June 22

Chocolate Eclair/Onion Ring Day- Last minute change of plans to go to the Dave show on Friday night so I had to improvise afterwards. Burger King was closed so I couldn’t get their onion rings but 7-11 is my savior in this thing. Anyways, they had spice Funyuns and a chocolate creme pie aka no place was open that had eclairs.  But its a pastry filled with chocolate so it is close enough for me. 

June 23

Pecan Sandie Day- 

Pink Day- 

June 24

Pralines Day- 

June 25

National Leon Day- Leon Day is 6 months away from Christmas. It is also Noel spelled backwards. So I did a good deed and vacuumed out my lovely girlfriends car.

Catfish Day- Slid into TB12s DMs the other night.


Strawberry Parfait Day- 

June 26

Chocolate Pudding Day-

Beauticians Day- What better way to acknowledge the beauticians of this fine country than by making one of them clean my feet. The camera work gets a bit shaky because the massage chair was going to town on my back. 

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