National Day Challenge June 27-30

Kind of a light week with things to do, but that is fine by me. More eating of course. I’ve been surprised that there has not been many actual activities. Everything is just food. Oh well, man’s gotta eat.


June 27

Orange Blossom Day- Whenever I can not easily think of something to do for one of these, I go to my friend Pinterest. That is what I did here. Just searched for orange blossom and I came across a recipe for these delicious scones with an orange blossom glaze. Yum! 

Sunglasses Day- 

June 28

Handshake Day- 

Bomb Pop Day- I couldn’t get my hands on an actual bomb pop, but I did get the next best thing. A bomb slushy. So good! 

Paul Bunyan Day- Do not say I never taught you anything! 

Insurance Awareness Day- I think this sums it up best. 

June 29

Almond Buttercrunch Day-

Waffle Iron Day- I never thought I would spend an hour one day when I was 40 taking selfies with Waffle Irons, but here we are.

Camera Day- The above photos were taken with a camera.

June 30

Social Media Day- I will be posting this blog on my twitter account today. So that counts.

Meteor Shower Day- There are no meteor showers scheduled to be shown today. So I just YouTubed meteor shower and this popped up. 

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