National Day Challenge July 1-5

Took a little vacation last week and was not able to update this. Luckily the only person who reads it was with me, so no harm no foul. Lets get started.

July 1

Hop A Park Day- It was only a mere million degrees outside. Being hungover did not help. 

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day-  I was able to snag this at the Fruit Center. I tried waiting in line at Dairy Freeze, but again, it was too damn hot outside. 

Postage Stamp/Help A Postal Worker Day- 

July 2

Oddly enough, there was nothing on this day. It definitely was not Anisette day and I definitely would have been able to find it, if it had been that day. I for sure did not go to three different bars and two packies looking for it and fail. No siree, I did not do any of that.

July 3

Fried Clam Day- Took off for a couple days in NH to celebrate the Fourth and our first stop was a nice little seafood/bbq joint off the highway. Not a big fried clams guy but these shits were good. 

Eat Your Beans Day- After golfing at Mount Washington, we stopped at the White Mountain Cider Company. I highly recommend this place. My dish was the shrimp and scallops, which happened to come with fava beans. They didn’t have any chianti for me to wash them down with though, unfortunately.

Chocolate Wafer Day- A little bedtime snack never hurt nobody. 

July 4th

Hillbilly Day- For the fourth, me and Lauren floated down the Saco River in some tubes. It was a great day to say the least. We definitely came across a lot of hillbillies. Here is one attempting to jump off a tree branch. 

Caesar Salad/BBQ Spareribs Day- When I say this place was a hole in the wall, it literally is. That is its name. Delaneys Hole in the Wall Pub. Great food and cold beer. 

Country Music/Independence Day- Nothing says ‘Murica quite like fireworks with country music playing in the background. Being in New Hampshire only emphasized this point. 

July 5th

Bikini Day- Lauren would not let me put on one of her bikinis for fear that I would look better than her in it. Or that my fat ass would ruin it. Either or, not sure which one. So here is a pic of her bikini after a dip in the pool. 

Apple Turnover/Graham Cracker Day- Had to return to work at night on the 5th. That means more 110 degree office visits. Delightful!


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