National Day Challenge July 6-9(nice)

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I split up last weeks into two separate, but equal, posts. I know you were all wondering. Lets get started.

July 6

Fried Chicken Day- One of the few times I can say I was disappointed in the Fruit Center. This chicken was gross. 

July 7

Macaroni Day- I hate macaroni salad. 

Strawberry Sundae Day- One of my servers used to work at Dairy Freeze and was able to go over there and make this for free, for me. Very nice of the fine people at Dairy Freeze.

Father Daughter Take a Walk Day- I do not have a daughter. At least not one that I know of, right? HAHAHAHA. I hate when people say that joke. Its like, yeah I just go around impregnating bitches left and right. And who is to say if I did get one pregnant, they would just never contact me to tell me? Like I am not good enough for her and our baby. That may be the harshest wound of all.

July 8

Chocolate With Almonds Day- I slept in the clothes I wore to work on Saturday and went to the store to get me a delicious Almond Joy. 

July 9

Sugar Cookie Day- 

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