National Day Challenge July 10-12

Quite an eventful few days. Spent a lot of time acknowledging a lot of different things. Lets get started.

June 10

Pina Colada Day- Nice sunny day calls for a nice refreshing Pina Colada. 

Clerihew Day- A nonsensical poem about a celebrity. I can do that!

June 11

7-11 Day- Free Slurpees! 

Mojito Day- 

All American Pet Photo Day- No explanation necessary.

Blueberry Muffin Day- muffin.jpg

Rainier Cherry Day- These motherfuckers were delicious. 

Cheer Up The Lonely Day- This was definitely the weirdest challenge I have attempted. Ultimately, I failed at cheering anyone up, but I think if I ever visit Pennsylvania I have a couple places to stay.   

July 12

Eat Your Jello Day- Only way to eat jello is with vodka. 

Paper Bag Day- 

Pecan Pie Day- I am getting pretty good at baking. Or reading Pinterest. Either way, this came out way better than I expected. 

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