National Day Challenge July 25-27

There were a lot of things to do during the past week as it pertains to the National Day Challenge. I’m going to split up the past week into two posts so the few people that do read this do not get too bored with scrolling forever. Let’s get started.

July 25

Thread the Needle Day- I’m pretty sure this was in reference to sewing, but I have no idea how to sew. Side note: I’mprobably better at sewing than I am at throwing a football through the holes in this game. 

Merry Go Round Day- Such a nice day to ride on the only Merry Go Round in downtown Boston. Credit to Lauren for filming some of this. 

Hot Fudge Sundae Day- I’m cleaning out all my old clothes today and it is challenges like this that are the reason for me needing new clothes. 

Wine and Cheese Day- This day didn’t show up on my app and I found out about it at the last second. I realized that the website has a LOT more national days listed than the app, so yay me. 


July 26

Intern Day- I do not have an intern to appreciate, so I place an ad on Craig’s List for one and surprisingly got a few responses.


I replied to them on Friday and have only got one response back. So it looks like I will not be getting the intern I so richly deserve.

Bagelfest Day- I think I surprised the guy at Dunks by not ordering the same thing I always do. But you can’t have a bagelfest with only one bagel so I took one for the team. 

Coffee Milkshake/Chili Dog Day- I was able to combine both of these into one at Sullivans on Castle Island. The milkshake is no joke. 

Refreshment Day- Not one to rest on one refreshment, I stopped at Hopsters on Sleeper Street before picking up Lauren. This was a very good beer. 

July 27

New Jersey Day- Sent a text to my buddy Brian. He is from New Jersey. For some reason he is proud of this. I kid, I kid.



Creme Brulee Day- Never would I ever live in the North End. Too many fucking people. 

Talk in and Elevator Day- Unfortunately there was nobody else in the elevator when I got in. So I just talked to myself.

Scotch Day- Scotch is trash.

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