National Day Challenge July 28-30

The last week in July really was an ass kicking. So many challenges and I was able to get to about 95% of them. Lets get started.

July 28th

Dance Day- Apparently this is a recently added day to the national day list. The creators of “So You Think You Can Dance?” got this started back in 2010. To answer their question, yes I think I can.

Milk Chocolate Day- 

Buffalo Soldier- Buffalo Soldiers was the nickname given to the Black Cavalry by Native Americans. They eventually were established by Congress as the first peace time all black regiments in the Army. I finally got to figure out what Bob Marley was singing about all this time.

Day of the Cowboy- I don’t care for Cowboys. Here are my favorite highlights involving some.

Waterpark Day- I had to work a double on Saturday so was not able to go to a waterpark in person. So I have to settle for the Water Country commercial. Le sigh. (This commercial gets a little dark at the end. Not sure how this got by the censors.)

July 29

Lasagna/Chicken Wing Day- An app and an entree together? Don’t mind if I do.

Lipstick Day- Yeah. So this happened.

July 30

Cheesecake Day- Grossest. Cheesecake. Ever.

Whistleblower- Some famous whistleblowers include Linda Tripp, Chelsea Manning and Joseph Gordon Leavitt.

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