National Day Challenge July 31-Aug 2

Been almost a week since I updated this so I will split the last 6 days into two posts. I know all(none) of you reading this will appreciate this kind gesture on my part. Lets get started.

July 31

Avocado Day- I am usually pretty adept at peeling and pitting these. Except for when the red light is on I guess.

Raspberry Cake Day- Another cheesecake, another disappointment.

August 1

Raspberry Cream Pie Day- More raspberry flavored shit. This wasn’t too bad except that the AC in the Cheesecake Factory was not working that well.


Spider-Man Day- Didn’t have time to go get a full fledged Spider-Man outfit so had to settle for the next best thing.


August 2

Coloring Book Day- Always a fun day hanging with the gang from Peanuts.

Ice Cream Sandwich Day- No better way to cool off when its a million degrees than with a melted ice cream sandwich from 7-11. Shout out to the two clearly strung out on heroin people who were behind me in line. Could not get out of there quick enough.

IPA Day- Wonderful way to end my shift. Chugging down a refreshing New England Style IPA dropped off by a beer rep I will never buy beer from.

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