National Day Challenge Aug 7-9

Trying to get caught up on posting before going out of town tomorrow. Lets get started.

Aug 7

Raspberries and Cream Day- I am pretty sure August is being sponsored by BIG RASPBERRY because this is like the third day of Raspberry something or other so far this month. Oh well, heres to getting fatter.

Lighthouse Day- Didn’t even realize there was a lighthouse on the beach the other day. Good thing there was or else I would have had to post a clip from one of the worst episodes of LOST, appropriately titled, “The Lighthouse.”


And just for good measure, here is that clip of LOST anyways:


August 8

Frozen Custard Day- Yogurt is a custard.

Sneak a Zucchini onto Your Neighbors Porch Day- Not sure why this is a thing, but I was able to successfully sneak a zucchini onto my neighbors porch. It was not there as of this morning.

Dollar Day- The frozen custard/yogurt ain’t free. I spent 4 whole dollars on it.

Aug 9

Rice Pudding Day- Not as bad as I thought, though not that good either.

Book Lovers Day- Today is my friend Corals birthday, and she just happens to be a big book nerd.



VEEP Day- This day is for the actual VP but Mike Pence is a giant turd, so here is one of the funniest scenes from the HBO hit show, “VEEP”!



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