National Day Challenge Aug 10-14

Been a while since I updated. Took a nice mini vacation down to Falmouth and haven’t had much time to post on here. Take solace in the fact that I have been living up to my end of this bargain and taking as many videos as possible to ward off my oncoming insanity. Lets get started.

Aug 10

Connecticut Day- I spent the early part of August 10 driving to New York City to celebrate the wedding of my friend Cathy. It is very hard to get there from Boston without driving through Connecticut. Some serendipity at work with this one.


Lazy Day- Unfortunately, I was the opposite of lazy this day. The other 364 days of the year will have to do for me.

S’mores Day- It is hard to find a good campfire to make S’mores with NYC. Luckily I found a little bodega¬† called Walgreens that sold S’mores flavored protein bars.

Aug 11

Bowling Day- Not my best roll of the big ball.

Raspberry Bombe Day- I did not have time to make one of these so my lovely girlfriend Lauren brought these to me. Closest thing she could find. God love her.

Presidential Joke Day- Pretty sure the guy in office is already a joke enough, amirite???

Aug 12

Middle Child Day- Only way to celebrate this is by sending a well wish to the middle child in my family, my sister Stacey.


Aug 13

Filet Mignon/Prosecco Day- Bottle took a little bit longer to open than I had hoped.

Left-Handers Day- I am a righty, but do use my left hand in two situations, pocket pool and actual pool. I wonder if that is related. Heres a leftorium clip.

Aug 14

Creamsicle Day- I forgot how good these things are.

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