National Day Challenge Aug 15-19

A lot of this stuff was down the cape. Videos aren’t my best quality but still, I soldier on. Lets get started.

Aug 15

Relaxation Day- No better way to relax than a day on the beach. relaxation


Lemon Meringue Pie- Thankfully the restaurant we went to for dinner at a lemon meringue pie martini or else I would have had to buy some 7-11 grade pie when I was drunk.



Aug 16

Tell a Joke Day- I had planned on doing the aristocrats for my joke, but time restraints left me no choice but do to a one liner. Still knocked it out of the park though.

Rum Day- 

Aug 17

Love Massachusetts Day- Every day is Love Massachusetts Day for me!

I Love My Feet Day- Same sentiment.

Aug 18

Fajita Day-  

Ice Cream Pie Day- 

Aug 19

Soft Ice Cream Day- Every week has goddamn ice cream.

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