National Day Challenge Aug 20-23

Pretty light week of stuff. Lets get started.

Aug 20

Chocolate Pecan Pie/Lemonade Day- Had to improvise with the chocolate pecan pie but it was pretty good. I really need to start working out again or I will be over 300 lbs very quickly.

Radio Day- I guess I was supposed to listen to the radio but Stern is on vacation again. So heres one of my favorite Howard clips.

Aug 21

Brazillian Blowout Day- Nailed it, I think.

Spumoni Day-

Aug 22

Bao Day- Kinda cheated here, but not my fault I don’t have a bamboo steamer to make homemade bao buns!

Tooth Fairy Day- Out of all the lies parents tell their kids I think the tooth fairy is the worst one. I am so mad I once thought a little fairy came into my room and left me a quarter for my tooth. Kids are idiots.

Aug 23

Sponge Cake Day-

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