National Day Challenge Aug 24-26

Like I said in my last Challenge post, a light week of stuff. Lets get started

Aug 24

Waffle Day- I used to work with a girl who also worked at IHOP. She told me the money she made there was unbelievable and it helped her buy a house. While I agree it could be lucrative, the amount of mouth breathers and just plain old in the way people would lead me to murder somebody. I felt as sticky as the syrup when I went into one for Waffle Day.

Aug 25

Kiss and Make Up Day- Fortunately, I did not get into a fight with Lauren while we were moving her stuff into my place. Unfortunately, I did not get to Kiss and Make Up with her.

Banana Split Day- The girls there were not pleased with me.

Whiskey Sour Day-  I hate whiskey and sour mix. This was not good.

Aug 26

Cherry Popsicle Day-

Dog Day- I do not have a dog, but I do have two cats. I will not post pictures because I know how the dog community can get.

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