National Day Challenge Aug 27-31

On vacation for most of last week. Haven’t posted in a while. Luckily there hasn’t been much to do. Let’s get started.

Aug 27

Pots De Creme Day- A french dessert that I was able to find in an Oyster Bar in Mystic Connecticut. Shit tastes like chocolate pudding.

Just Because Day- I did not do anything to acknowledge this day, just because.

Aug 28

Cherry Turnover Day- After a nice long relaxing day at the beach I know there is nothing I like more than to wind down with a cherry turnover.

Aug 29

Chop Suey Day- I am sure the point of this day was to acknowledge original chop suey, not the american kind but oh well. Its not that easy to find original chop suey in Rhode Island. I was also going to take video of this, but the bar we were in seemed like not a good spot to film anything. Less evidence to know I was there.

Aug 30

Toasted Marshmallow Day- Probably not the best idea to toast this in the office at work, but oh well.

Aug 31

Trail Mix Day-  I was able to snag a bag of trail mix at 7-11 after hanging out with my friends girlfriend while he was working. I was a little drunk.

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