National Day Challenge Sept 1-10

Backed up almost two weeks with the videos. Fortunately, there wasn’t much to do challenge wise. Lets get started. 

Sept 1

No Rhyme Nor Reason Day- I did no challenges this day, for no rhyme nor reason.

Sept 2

Blueberry Popsicle Day-   

Sept 3

Labor Day- In honor of Labor Day, I worked at night. Good times. Good times indeed.

Sept 4

Macadamia Nut Day- 

Sept 5

Day of Charity- 

Cheese Pizza Day- 

Sept 6

Read a Book/Coffee Ice Cream Day- 

Sept 7

Beer Lovers Day- 

Salami Day- Had a nice salami pizza.

Sept 8

Literacy Day- I didn’t record anything, but I did read a lot of stuff this day to prove I am literate.

Sept 9

Weiner Schnitzel Day- 

Grandparents Day- I do not have any living grandparents, so thanks for the reminder, stupid national day calendar.

Pet Memorial Day- In Memory of Sandy, Heidi, Buddy, Luna, Mila and the one goldfish that was dead in my room for three weeks before I realized it.

Sept 10

Swap Ideas Day- Sent this text to my buddy Adrian in hopes he would just send me back an idea, but alas, I had to explain. Still counts though. swapideas

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