All 69(Nice!) People to Catch a Touchdown from Tom Brady Part 1

In the season-opening win over the Texans, Patriots QB Tom Brady threw a touchdown to Philip Dorsett. Dorsett became the 69th(nice) person to catch a TD from Brady, who is now one behind Vinny Testaverde , who threw touchdowns to 70 different people during his long career. As a tribute(and because I am bored) I will now list the first touchdown for each person on the list and where I was when they caught it.*

*Over Brady’s career, I have blacked out at least as many times as he has receivers, so memory may be a bit hazy, but I will try my best.


  1. Terry Glenn(21 yds vs. Chargers)- The enigmatic WR was the recipient of Tom’s first touchdown way back in 2001.
  2. Jermaine Wiggins(3 yds vs. Chargers)- Before he became an annoying presence on morning radio, the East Boston native caught TB12’s second career touchdown later in the same game.

Where I watched- My then girlfriends apartment, following this game on GameCast. I can’t believe that used to be a way to follow games. If someone told me they were using GameCast today I’d assume they were sick and quarantine them.

3. David Patten (91 yds vs Colts)– “Chief” hauled in the longest TD of Bradys short career against Indy. It was the second time in four weeks the Pats put a hurting on the Colts and pretty much ruined the season for the Colts.

Where I watched- At Hooligans Pub in the Pinecrest section of Miami. I spent a lot of time and money at this giant dive bar in the early 2000’s. I miss their French Dip.

4. Troy Brown(5 yds, Broncos)– This was the game where Brady came back to earth after his blistering start. I remember the talk being how he started his career with 140+ attempts without an interception. He promptly threw four in the thin air of Denver. The 5 yarder to Brown gave the Pats the lead right before the half but Toms picks doomed them in the second half.

Where I watched- Again at Hooligans. I remember thinking they were still going to come back, but Brady’s pick 6 with just over 2 minutes left sealed the win for the Broncos.

5+6 Kevin Faulk(4 yds, Falcons), Marc Edwards(15 yds, Falcons)- In a game that was rather unremarkable other than it was Michael Vicks first appearance against New England. The future dog fight organizer replaced the injured Chris Chandler and was sacked three times.

Where I watched- No clue. I would assume I was either at my buddy Joes apartment or at Hooligans. Either way, I was probably drunk.

7+8. Antowain Smith (41 yds, Saints) Charles Johnson(24 yds, Saints)- Smith took a little dump off and rumbled untouched for 41 yards barely 4 minutes into the game. Johnson caught a 24 yard pass at the goaline and took a good pop to finish off the scoring.

Where I watched- Home for Thanksgiving, I watched this game at my brothers apartment in Quincy. I will remember the Smith touchdown because Bob Halloran used it as an example as to why Bledsoe should be reinstalled as the starter. Not a good look, Bob.

9. Patrick Pass(23 yds, Dolphins)- In Game 15 that should’ve been Game 16 (Thanks, Bin Laden) the Pats hosted the Dolphins and were looking for payback from an early season embarrassment in Miami. Pats won by a touchdown in the last regular season game at old Foxboro Stadium. Pass took a screen pass and went unscathed into the Dolphins end zone to give the Pats a 20-0 lead.

Where I watched- At my friend Andrews house. I was home for Christmas and it was probably the only time I was ever upstairs at his house.


10,11,12- Christian Fauria (4yds, Steelers) Donald Hayes(40 yds, Steelers) Deion Branch(22 yds, Steelers)- In the first game at brand new Gillette Stadium, Brady also christened three new receivers with touchdowns. Fauria and Branch became two of Bradys favorite targets over the next couple seasons while Hayes, a big receiver signed away from Carolina never caught on to the Patriots system and was released after the season after pulling in only 12 passes during the campaign.

Where I watched- At my ex girlfriends apartment. We had an opening night party at her place. Great way to celebrate a new stadium and the teams first banner.

13. Cam Cleeland(1 yd, Jets)- Cams’ 1 yard reception kicked off the scoring in a 44-7 rout of the division rival Jets. I can’t find highlights of this game but here is a Cam Cleeland retrospective. Enjoy!

Where I watched- My buddy Joe and Rods apartment. They had Sunday ticket and I spent a lot of time here in the ’01-’03 seasons. One of their friends was a Jets fan and watching this game with him was my favorite memory of that douchebag.

14. Daniel Graham(18 yds, Chiefs)-An early season shoot-out against the Chiefs saw the rookie out of Colorado give the Pats a 7 point lead to start off the fourth quarter. You can see it here at the 1 hour and 42 minute mark.

Where I watched- I did not watch this game. My buddy Ryan had got arrested the night before so me and my girlfriend at the time spent this lovely Sunday afternoon trying to get him out of TGK in West Miami. I was getting updates from my buddy Rod but this was before texting and what not so the updates were few and far between.

15. Mike Vrabel(1 yd, Chargers)- The outside linebacker has 10 career receptions. All for touchdowns.

Where I watched- Again at Joe and Rods place. After the Pats started 3-0 I went out and bought a Brady jersey like an idiot. This was the first game I watched while wearing it and not surprisingly, they lost.

16. David Givens(4 yds, Packers)- Givens was a reliable red zone target for Brady from ’02-’04. His first score came at the tail end of a blowout in the only game Favre and Brady played the whole game against one another as members of the Patriots and Packers.


17. Larry Centers(7yds, Redskins)- The All-Pro fullback spent 9 games with the Pats in the 2003 season, with his 7 yard reception bringing New England within 3 late against Washington. Pats were unable to complete the comeback and rumors have swirled that Brady played a good portion of this game with a concussion.

Where I watched- I remember I had to do some errands during the day but I was able to catch the end of it at Dan Marinos Fine Food and Spirits, the restaurant at which I worked my 20’s away.

18. Bethel Johnson(27 yds, Texans)-The speedy receiver got numerous chances with the Pats but was never able to fulfill his potential as a pass-catcher. He was, however, valuable in the return game and was often referred to as the fastest player in the NFL. His 27 yard grab against the second year Texans started the scoring in a game that Adam Vinatieri would win in overtime with under a minute remaining.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern in South Miami. I watched many a Patriots victory there and I remember this one as if it were yesterday. Watching with another Pats fan transplant, the game tying touchdown to Graham at the end of regulation was one of my favorite moments of this championship season.

19. Dedric Ward(31 yds, Colts)- The diminutive journeyman receiver only appeared in 4 games for the Pats that year. By this game he was already on his second stint with New England. This game was best remembered for the goal line stand made by the Pats defense in the waning moments of the fourth quarter.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern/Marinos- In a move that was repeated many times, I would watch the one o’clock games at Tavern before heading into work at 4. Unfortunately I had to watch the goal line stand through the windows during pre-meal. Luckily my manage was also a Pats fan and did not care about my lack of attention.


20. Corey Dillon(2 yds, Dolphins)- Clock-killin’ Corey Dillon was traded to the Pats in the offseason. He had arguably a top 5 season of any Patriot ever(excluding Brady) with over 1500 rushing yards and his bruising style helped the Pats win a lot of games. Unfortunately, they lost this one after leading by 11 with 4 minutes left. One of the worst losses of New Englands first run of Super Bowls.

Where I watched- From the stands. I had the pleasure to be at this game. It was a hoot.


21. Tim Dwight(5 yds, Raiders)- The speedy slot receiver came over as a free agent from San Diego. He was Wes Welker before Wes Welker. The five yard pass gave the Pats the lead for good in a game that was the Raiders debut of future Patriot Randy Moss.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern. No better place to watch a banner get raised than in front of stupid Dolphin fans.

22. Ben Watson(33 yds, Falcons)- The last pick of the first round in the 2004 draft, the Georgia product was a semi reliable target for 6 seasons before leaving as a free agent after the 2009 season. Brady connected with him for 33 yards on his first NFL touchdown. Pats would win this game on a field goal by Vinatieri with 17 seconds left.

Where I watched- No freaking clue.

23. Andre Davis(60 yds, Saints)-The well-traveled receiver spent the 2005 season in New England, with a 60 yard bomb from Tom being pretty much his lone highlight.

Where I watched- I was working as an expediter at Marinos during this game. Luckily it was an open kitchen and I was able to turn around and get some looks at the game.

That finishes the first of three parts detailing all of the different players to be lucky enough to catch a touchdown from Tom Brady. Parts 2 and 3 will be out before Sunday.




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