A-Rod “Prays” He Gets into the Hall of Fame. Ehhhh..about that.

Talking with Cigar Aficionado magazine, former Yankee 3B and centaur Alex Rodriquez expressed his desire to one day make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Said A-Rod:

“There’s rules, and you have to follow the rules. And I made those mistakes. And at the end of the day, I have to live by those mistakes. I think what it’s done, Marvin, whether I get in or not — and let’s be clear, I want to get in, I hope I get in, I pray I get in — If I don’t, I think I have a bigger opportunity yet again. And the platform of my mistakes — the good, the bad and the ugly — has allowed me to have a loud voice to the next generation to say, ‘When in doubt, just look at my career. Look at the good, the bad and the ugly, and just make good decisions.”

I don’t want to rain on his parade here but I find it highly unlikely for the former mirror kisser to get a plaque in Cooperstown. Baseball writers are on some of the highest horses and for too many of them, the slap happy slugger has done too much damage to the game to warrant enshrinement. If you look at his career there is no one point in time you can definitively say he was not on steriods, except maybe in Seattle. Granted, he was an amazing player for the Mariners but between his interview with Peter Gammons admitting steroid use while with Texas and the whole crazy Biogenesis scandal I just do not see scenario where he gets past the old guard of baseball writers. Hell, just because Jeff Bagwell had muscles was enough to keep him out in some peoples minds. Even still, if he never used steroids and his career followed the trajectory his Mariners years laid out for him, he still would have to answer for this. In my mind it is the greatest scandal of his career and one which he has never answered any questions. Tough shit A-Rod, YOOUUUU’RE OUT!!!!!!!!!

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