All 69(Nice!) People to Catch a Touchdown from Tom Brady Part 2

In my ongoing quest to write a bunch of stuff nobody will ever read I have decided to make the most comprehensive list of people who have caught a touchdown from one Mr. Tom Brady. You can find Part One here. Let’s continue. 2006 cont’d

24. Tom Ashworth(1 yd, Bucs)- The one yard toss from Brady is the only time Ashworth showed up on the stat sheet for his entire career. Final NFL statline for the right tackle- 1 catch, 1 yard, 1 touchdown, 1 spot in Tommys heart forever.

Where I watched- I watched this game at Marinos. The highlight of this game was Brady completing a pass from the ground. The look on Grudens face after the pass was the best.

25. Chad Jackson(13 yds, Jets)-The second round pick out of Florida was one of many receivers that has not panned out for the Pats. 2006 was his only “productive” season, with 13 receptions and 3 touchdowns.

Where I watched- Rehab at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Was out there for a bachelor party and one of my buddies was all in on Jackson and jumped in the pool after his touchdown. Sadly, the highlights of both of their careers.

26. Doug Gabriel(8 yds, Broncos)-Recently acquired from the Raiders to help boost what was arguably the worst receiving corps in Bradys’ career, Gabriel hauled in an 8 yard toss from Tom at the end of the infamous “body language” game. Here is a clip of Gabriels’ longest reception as a Patriot.

Where I watched- Not sure, but I think it was one of the Ale Houses. I remember driving home after the game and listening to sports radio and the host mentioning Bradys’ “body language.”

27. Heath Evans(1 yd, Dolphins)- The fullback turned NFL Network analyst caught his first career touchdown against the Dolphins, who had recently released him and allowed him to sign with New England. Not only did he protect Brady on the field, but also off the field during Deflategate.

Where I watched- Eh, not sure, but I would have to guess at work.

28. Reche Caldwell(6 yds, Vikings)- “Cocaine Eyes” Caldwell was the most serviceable receiver in 2006. That’s not saying much. His first touchdown came against the Vikings in a game the Pats won by 24. Pretty surprised this didn’t happen, tbh.

Where I watched- In my house at the time. I remember getting really high with my roommate and laughing at the size of Caldwells eyes. Unfortunately, his nickname was a bit too real.

29. Laurence Maroney(19 yds, Packers)- The Pats used their first round pick in 2006 on  the University of Minnesota standout. While he had a couple of semi-productive years with the Pats he never reached his full potential and was traded to the Broncos in the early stages of the 2010 season. His 19 yard scamper after a short pass from Brady was the final score in a 35-0 blowout of Green Bay. This game marked Aaron Rodgers first appearance against the Patriots, as starter Brett Favre was knocked out early in this one.

Where I watched- I did not watch this game. I was working, we didn’t have Sunday Ticket and it was not on local tv in Miami. Just another reason to hate the Dolphins.

30. Jabar Gaffney(6yds, Texans)- Not sure what caused Belichicks’ hard-on for University of Florida receivers, but Gaffney was the third former Gator to catch a TD from Brady in 2006. The 6 yarder was his only touchdown that season and came against his former team.

Where I watched- Sunset tavern. I vaguely remember this blowout for some reason and taking Jaeger Bombs with another Pats fan after every score.

31.David Thomas(22 yds, Jaguars)- The former Texas Longhorn played three years with the Patriots and his first touchdown was his only touchdown with New England.

Where I watched- Again, no clue. 2006 was a rough year for me apparently.


32. +33. Wes Welker(11 yds, Jets) Randy Moss(51 yds, Jets)- After the 2006 season ended and it was obvious the Gator Gang was not enough to get the job done on the field, Belichick went out and overhauled the receiving corps. One of the quieter pickups that had a major impact was the trade that brought Welker over from the Dolphins. Thank God for Cam Cameron. I would also like to thank the Lord for Al Davis, who traded all world WR Randy Moss to the Pats in exchange for some magic beans. His 9 catch, 183 yard day was harbinger of things to come for the rest of the league. This game also was the impetus for something called SpyGate which I can’t help you if you have never heard of that.

Where I watched- In heaven. JK, actually it was Sunset Tavern but seeing Brady have actual receivers to throw the ball to made me feel like I had entered the pearly gates.

34. Donte’ Stallworth(34 yds, Browns)- Stallworth was another big name pick-up in the offseason, signing with the team as a free agent after spending the 2006 season with the Eagles. His 34 yard catch and run gave the Pats a 10-0 lead in a game they eventually won by 17.

Where I watched- Don’t think I was able to watch this one as I was at work and while the Pats hot start that year was catching everyone’s attention it still was not enough to be shown on local tv in South Florida.

35. Kyle Brady(1 yd, Cowboys)- The man who Bob Kraft has said he thought about when he heard they took “Brady” in the 2000 draft made a cameo on the 2007 team. His first of two touchdowns as a Patriot came in this match-up of undefeated teams with the Patriots winning going away 48-27.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern baby. This was one of the most fun times I have ever had watching a game. So many Cowboy transplants hoping to be the team to knock the Pats off their perch. Spoiler alert: They did not.


36. Chris Baker(36 yds, Falcons)- The tight end who spent the first seven seasons of his career with the Jets played the 2009 season with the Pats. Of his 14 receptions that season this 36 yarder was his longest and one of two touchdowns he had that season. Go to the 1 hour 55 minute mark of this video to see what also was Toms 200th career touchdown pass.

Where I watched- At my shitty studio apartment by Dadeland Mall in Miami. Man that place stunk and not just because of all the weed and cigarettes I smoked in there.

37. Sam Aiken(54 yds, Bucs)- The WR had two long touchdowns this season. The 54 yarder against the Bucs in London and this 81 yarder against the Dolphins in Miami. You get to see that because its the only one I can find on YouTube.

Where I watched- Again at my shitty studio apartment.

38. Julian Edelman(9 yds, Colts)- The first TD of Edelmans career was a 9 yard grab in the “4th and 2” game. I do not want to see highlights of this game so enjoy Belichick calling Wes Welker Wally Pipp.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern. Don’t remember much after 4th and 2 other than throwing a beer in my friends face because I wrongly accused him of putting salt in my beer like a jerk. Oops.


39. Rob Gronkowski(1 yd, Bengals)-Gronks first TD came in the first game of his rookie season. It was the final nail in the coffin of a season-opening rout of the Bengals.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern again. My buddy Jeff is a huge Bengals fan and I enjoyed watching Jeffs’ hopes and dreams for the season crumble as he watched helplessly in his Chad OchoCinco jersey.

40. Danny Woodhead(11 yds, Dolphins)- Woodhead was a scrap heap pickup for the Patriots and became a revelation in the 2010 season.  The two touchdown victory over the Dolphins was soon overshadowed by the trade of Randy Moss almost immediately after the game.

Where I watched- Sunset Tavern again. It was a Monday night clash and it was always great to watch the Pats beat the Dolphins while I was surrounded by Dolphins fans.

41. Brandon Tate(65 yds, Vikings)- This beauty of a play came in the final Brett Favre/Tom Brady showdown. After a run to the NFC Championship Game in 2009, the Vikes fell on hard times in 2010. Sporting a 2-5 record, Minnesota held a three point lead in the third quarter before Brady connected with Tate on one of the finest plays of the year.

Where I watched- From the expo line at Marinos. I remember turning around to check the score and seeing the replay of Brady spinning away from defenders and finding Tate downfield.

42.Aaron Hernandez(2 yds, Browns)- The future serial killer caught his first touchdown in one of the most surprising losses of the Belichick era, a 34-14 defeat at the hands of the lowly Cleveland Browns.

Where I watched- I did not watch this game due to me having to work and it not being on tv. I have never been as shocked at a regular season score as I have been at this one though.

43. Alge Crumpler(4 yds, Bills)- The longtime Atlanta Falcon TE spent his last season in the NFL as a member of the Patriots and finding himself on the receiving end of 6 passes from Brady, two of which went for touchdowns. This one, against the Bills, helped the Pats put this game out of reach.

Where I watched- No idea. Couldn’t even begin to think about it.


44. Chad Johnson(Ochocinco)(33yds, Broncos)- A player that Belichick coveted but ultimately never panned out, Chad was a major disappointment in the 2011 season. Reports of him not being able to grasp the playbook emerged and he never fully gained the trust of Tom. His lone TD reception in a Patriots uniform came against Denver in a highly anticipated matchup that the Pats won by 18.

Where I watched- In my bedroom at Perrydise, the final house I lived in during my years in Miami.


45. Brandon Lloyd(25 yds, Bills)- The talented but enigmatic wideout was on his 6th team when the 2012 season started. His first TD in his only season in New England was this diving beauty that gave the Patriots a 21 point lead in a game they once trailed by 14.

Where I watched- The Fowler House in Quincy. I had recently moved back to Boston and I watched it with my brother and a couple friends at the bar next to my brothers condo at the time. I remember being scared they were down by two touchdowns but soon they were up by a million.

46. Shane Vereen(83 yds, Jets)- Taking place on Thanksgiving, this short pass to Vereen in the flat went all the way. After the ensuing kickoff, the greatest play in the history of the NFL occurred.  Oh man, I will never get tired of watching that.

Where I watched- At my sisters house for Thanksgiving. We all had a bunch of laughs at the Jets expense, especially after the greatest play in the history of the NFL.

That concludes Part 2 of the 69(Nice!) Players Who Have Caught a Touchdown from Tom Brady. Part 1 is here. Part 3 is coming soon.

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