All 69(Nice!) People to Catch a Touchdown from Tom Brady Part 3

Continuing the trend of writing a bunch of words nobody will ever see, I present to you part three in my “People Who Caught a Touchdown from Tom Brady” Series. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here. Let’s finish strong. 2013

47. Aaron Dobson(39 yds, Jets)- The 2013 second round draft pick out of Marshall had an okay rookie season followed by a couple injury plagued seasons until he was ultimately released before the start of the 2016 campaign. His first career TD came in the second game of 2013 in a rain filled victory over the Jets on a Thursday night.

Where I watched- Hillside Tavern in Canton. Great place to watch a game but thats about it. Star Wars bar if I’ve ever seen one.

48. Kenbrell Thompkins(16 yds, Bucs)-  An undrafted free agent out of Cincinnatti, KB85 had a decent rookie year with the Pats. In the third game of the season, Thompkins hauled in two touchdowns from Brady, helping the Pats to an easy victory over the Bucs.

Where I watched- Wicked Fire Kissed Pizza and Wine Bar at Legacy Place in Dedham, Mass. I was working there during the 2013 season and I watched a lot of the 1 oclock Pats games here. I hated working at this place.

49. Matthew Mulligan(1 yd, Falcons)- The backup TE had 2 catches for the Pats in 2013, with his first one going for one yard and a touchdown against the Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday Night Football. 

Where I watched- Assembly in Quincy. I am pretty sure it is the last time I watched a game there because, turns out, I hate Quincy bars. Shocker.

50. Danny Amendola(34 yds, Steelers)- Signed as a free agent after Wes Welker departed after the 2012 season, Amendola did not have much of an impact his first year with New England. He injured his hamstring in the season opener and missed four games. He ended up with 2 receiving touchdowns that year. This 34-yarder opened the scoring in a game the Pats hung a fifty-burger on the Steelers.

Where I watched- The comfort of my own couch. No better way to spend a Sunday than on the couch watching the Steelers get their as kicked.

51.Michael Hoomanawanui(13 yds, Dolphins)- The Hoomans lone touchdown in parts of three seasons with New England took place in this late season loss to the Dolphins in Miami. The sweet looking one handed grab gave the Pats an early lead, but they were not able to hold on.

Where I watched-No clue. If I had to guess, I would assume Wicked while I was working. But I do not remember this game at all.


52. Brandon LaFell(44 yds, Chiefs)- In a Monday Night blowout that sounded the alarms for many NFL analysts, offseason acquisition LaFell caught his first TD with the Pats trailing 27-0.

Where I watched- Captain Fishbones baby. The horrible seafood joint I worked at for 3.5 years was where I watched one of the more lopsided losses in the Brady/Belichick Era.

53. Tim Wright(17 yds, Bengals)- The week after the Chiefs debacle, the Patriots came out a team possessed, absolutely obliterating the Bengals on Sunday Night Football. The Pats set the tone for the night early, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter. The second one was a 17 yard strike to Wright, who came over from Tampa in the Logan Mankins trade.

Where I watched- Again at Fishbones. Sunday nighter and I got plastered. Good times.

54. Brian Tyms(43 yds, Bills)- The Patriots were Brian Tyms’ third team in three years in 2014. This absolute beauty of a throw by Tom into coverage was the only TD in Tyms’ career and helped the Pats beat the Bills in Buffalo.

Where I watched- I started the game working at Fishbones and was cut early in the second quarter. I remember it being a beautiful fall day and watching it at the outside bar on the deck the day before we closed it for the season.


55.Scott Chandler(1 yd, Steelers)- In a game the Steelers got Gronk’d, Scott Chandler was able to sneak in a 1 yd pass from Brady to put the Pats up 21-3.

Where I watched- Southside Tavern in Braintree. My fantasy league decided to do our draft on opening night and then go watch the game. Horrible idea and even worse execution but we were able to get it done.

56. Keshawn Martin(13 yds, Jacksonville)- The undersized wideout/kick returner spent the 2015 season in New England after playing in Houston for his first three years in the league. His first TD came in a white washing of the Jaguars, 51-17white washing of the Jaguars, 51-17.

Where I watched- Comfortably on my couch.

57. Dion Lewis(10 yds, Cowboys)- The elusive running back was a bright spot early in the 2015 season before tearing his ACL against the Redskins. His first receiving TD for the Patriots was this one-handed tackle breaking 10 yard catch against the Cowboys in Dallas. Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo was out and the Pats had no problem solving Brandon Weeden.

Where I watched- The old Rattlesnake Bar in Back Bay. My girlfriends friends were in town and I met them in there after they spent the day in Boston. We saw a couple mice. It was nice.

58. LeGarrette Blount(11 yds, Colts)- The big bruising running back had a lot of rushing touchdowns in his 3 plus years with the Patriots. However, this one against the Colts in 2015 was the only time he caught one from Tom and ran it into the endzone. This game is probably best known for the dumbest play in the history of sports.

Where I watched- Sunday nighter at my house. Laughing hysterically the whole night after that botched fake punt.

59. Brandon Bolden(18 yds, Redskins)- In a workmanlike 27-10 victory marred by Dion Lewis’ torn ACL, the special teamer Bolden was able to make a splash by scoring on this 18 yard toss from Brady to finish out the scoring on the day.

Where I watched- I was working at Fishbones. Remember seeing Lewis go down while standing in front of table 7. Damn you table 7!

60. James White(20 yds, Bills)- The man who would score the winning touchdown in Super Bowl 51 took a screen pass and broke a tackle on his way into the endzone to be the 60th person to catch a TD from number 12.

Where I watched- No freaking idea.


61. Martellus Bennett(7 yds, Browns)- Coming over in a trade with the Bears before the season, the veteran tight end benefited in Bradys first game back from his Deflategate suspension, grabbing 3 touchdowns. The first one came from 7 yards out when Brady found him in the flat and he was able to walk in untouched.

Where I watched- One of the last games I watched at Fishbones as an employee. It was so nice to see Brady back on the field I handed out shots for every touchdown.

62.Chris Hogan(53 yds, Bills)- In his first game against his former team, Hogan was the recipient of this beautiful bomb from Tom, helping the Patriots win 41-25.

Where I watched- Again at Fishbones. That’s all I remember.

63.Malcolm Mitchell(56 yds, 49ers)- In his only apperrance in San Fran as a player, Brady led the Pats to a 30-17 win over the team he grew up rooting for. The highlight of the day was this dart to rookie Mitchell, who took care of the last 35 yards.

Where I watched- I was working at Blackstone Grill on Union Street. Only Sunday I worked there. Place is a dump.

64.Matt Lengel(18 yds, Jets)- This Christmas Eve clash saw the Pats stomp on the Jets 41-3. One of two receptions for Lengel in 2016 was this laser from Brady. Merry Christmas, Matt.

Where I watched- At my house. It was a nice early Christmas present to watch them beat the hell out of the hated Jets.

65. Michael Floyd(14 yds, Dolphins)- Freshly released after a DUI and newly signed to the Pats, the talented but troubled wideout fought his way in against the Dolphins in the season finale. It wasn’t even his best play in this game, as that was the jarring block he made that saved Julian Edelman from getting tackled on his 79 yd TD later.

Where I watched- On my couch, hungover. It was glorious.


66.Rex Burkhead(19 yds, Saints)- A free agent acquisition from Cincinnatti, Burkhead helped the Pats get in the win column in week 2 of the 2017 season. This 18-yard lob from Tom started the scoring in the Pats 36-20 victory of the Saints.

Where I watched- On my couch before heading into work at Brick and Beam.

67. Brandin Cooks(42 yds, Texans)- Cooks was acquired from the Saints prior to the 2017 season. He was brought in to bolster the passing attack and it was week 3 when he made his first big impact. This 42 yard reception extended the Pats lead over the visiting Texans. Later on he would also catching the winning 25 yard touchdown with under 30 seconds to go in the game.

Where I watched- Again, I watched it at home before heading into work.

68. Dwayne Allen(11 yds, Broncos)- The former Colt never made quite the impact the team wanted him to after trading a 4th round pick for Allen in the off-season. He had a case of the dropsies but was able to snag this 11 yard strike from Brady  for his first of ten receptions he had as a Patriot.

Where I watched- No freaking idea. If I had to guess, I was drunk on my couch.


69. Philip Dorsett(4 yds, Texans)- In the season-opening win over the Texans, Brady connected with the University of Miami product just before the half to give New England a 15 point lead heading into the break. To this point, he is the most recent addition to the list of people lucky enough to have Brady throw them a touchdown.

Where I watched-Again, at my house before heading into work. First game I watched in my remodeled room, I might add.

So there you have it, people who aren’t reading this. All 69 different recipients of a Tommy Touchdown and where I was when it happened. You. Are. Welcome.

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