Patriots Trade 5th Round Pick for Josh Gordon.

The Pats acquired problem-child wide-out Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns today for a 2019 5th round pick. The Pats will receive a 2019 7th round pick from the Browns if Gordon is not listed as active for at least 10 games for New England. Pretty sure this is a win-win for everybody. The Browns announced on Sunday they were going to cut the talented receiver after he supposedly hurt himself at a promotional event and lied about it. The Pats are taking a flier on Gordon based on talent alone. I am sure BB and company have done their due diligence and have weighed the potential reward as far greater than the risk. If he messes up, he gets cut and all the Pats lose is a late round pick they probably end up trading anyways. I’ll take that over the possibility of seeing if 2013 Josh Gordon coming back and becoming the 70th person to catch a touchdown from TB12.

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