The Last Stop for Week 2

With Mondays night game wrapping up all the action for Week 2 of the NFL season, I expect all of you to come here for all your Week 2 news and notes. A quick recap of the games:

Bengals 34, Ravens 23- Ginger Rocket to A.J. Green 3 times early in set the tone in this one and in my fantasy victory this week. Ravens tried making it close in the 4th but too little, too late.

Falcons 31, Panthers 24- Cam Newton got treated for a concussion after a vicious helmet to helmet hit. He did not miss a snap but pretty sure he was still concussed. No other way to describe that preposterous get-up he wore to the podium.

Chargers 31, Bills 20- The Bills stink. Josh Allen made his first start for the home-team while Philip Rivers still is planning on having a whole football teams worth of children.

Minnesota 29, Green Bay 29- A horrible roughing-the-passer call helped the Vikings tie the game in regulation and a horrible at kicking the ball kicker helped them keep it tied in overtime.

New Orleans 21, Cleveland 18- After announcing they were releasing troubled WR Josh Gordon only to trade him 24 hours later, the Browns remained winless since the 2016 season when they let New Orleans score 18 points in the last 5 minutes of the game. Stay being Cleveland, Browns.

Colts 21, Redskins 9- Not sure I care about any games the Redskins play, especially when they lost to the Colts.

Titans 20, Texans 17- The battle of the AFC South behemoths netted rookie head coach Mike Vrabel his first victory. Blaine Gabbert was the third highest rated passer for the Titans on Sunday which is probably five spots too high.

Chiefs 42, Steelers 37- A slugfest that saw Kansas City come out on top. After trading 21 point quarters in the first half, the Chiefs pulled away in the 4th and held on for the road win. Pat Mahomes II is the real deal, passing for 6 TDs on Sunday and 10 overall in the first two weeks. John Lynch has a 145 million dollar contract waiting for him.

Miami 20, Jets 12- I wish this could have been a tie. I hate both of these teams and wish them nothing but continued failure for the rest of eternity. QB of the Future Sam Darnold acquitted himself well despite throwing 2 picks.

Tampa Bay 27, Philadelphia 21- FITZMAGIC BABY! He is one more good start away from John Lynch giving him a 165 million dollar contract. While I am still not sold on Jameis as a dependable QB, I have seen enough Fitzmagic to know he really does stink once he gets paid. Remember a couple years ago when he held out on the Jets and finally signed on their terms? How someone could go to Harvard and be worked in a deal by the JETS is inconceivable.

Rams 34, Cardinals 0- The Cardinals would be my pick as worst team in the league if the Bills did not exist. It is only a matter of time before Josh Rosen takes over the reigns in the dessert. I have no clue what teams see in Sam Bradford. He beat the Pats in Foxboroa and had that good game for Minnesota last year and that’s about it. Anywho, the Rams did whatever they wanted in this game.

49ers 30, Lions 27- A late game defensive holding call against Detroit wiped out a would be interception and the ball at San Frans 7 for the Lions. After the game John Lynch restructured Jimmy G’s deal by adding another 30 million guaranteed.

Broncos 20, Raiders 19- I hate Gruden and despise the Broncos so this was a bit of a disappointing result. A FG with six seconds left completed the 12 point comeback for Case Keenum. I mean really? Is the world ready for Case freaking Keenum to be serviceable, almost good even, quarterback in this league?

Jaguars 31, Pats 20- Very frustrating game to watch. Between the Pats habit of throwing a couple stinkers in early before they right the ship and Jacksonville being a very good team I had a feeling New England would lose this game. I just wished they looked a little bit better. At some point the run in Foxboro will end but I don’t think it is this year. Also, Jacksonville is really good.

Cowboys 20, Giants 13- Was flipping back and forth between this and Hell in a Cell. Every time I looked Eli was running for his life. A late score made this seem closer than it was. Eli will coast into the Hall of Fame based off of two games. That asshole.

Bears 24, Seahawks 17- The Monday night matchup saw the Bears defense shut down Russell Wilson when it mattered. Chicago jumped out to an early lead and never trailed and they are one dropped interception away from being 2-0. Still not sold on Mitchel the Bitchel but the defense seems legit with Khalil Mack terrorizing QBs.


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