National Day Challenge Sept 11-19

Been falling behind on posting these but not on conquering them. Lets get started.

Sept 11

Make Your Bed Day- Quickest I’ve ever made it.

Sept 12

Video Game Day- Around Christmas 2016, I bought one of those old Sega consoles that comes with like 50 games already installed in them. I finally got to use it last week. Just about every game in there stinks, except for Sonic and a couple others.

Day of Encouragement- Positive thinking yields positive results.

Chocolate Milkshake Day-  

Sept 13

Peanuts Day- Unfortunately, not about the comics. Did enjoy these spicy nuts in my mouth though.

Sept 14

Cream Filled Donut Day- 

Sept 15

Creme De Menthe Day- 

Double Cheeseburger Day- It’s a blessing and a curse to have a Burger King across the street. 

Sept 16

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day- 

Sept 17

Monte Cristo Day- Never knew this delicious take on a grilled cheese existed. Shame on all of you.

Sept 18

Cheeseburger Day- Made myself a nice little pre-dinner snack on Tuesday.

Sept 19

Talk Like a Pirate Day-

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