The Last Stop for Week 3

With FITZMAGIC!!! coming to an end last night, Week 3 of the NFL season is behind us. Quick recap of the games. 

Browns 21, Jets 17- This game stunk until Tyrod got hurt. Baker Mayfield then made his NFL debut and actually looked like good. Jets stink and all of Cleveland drinks.

Saints 43, Falcons 37- In a shoot-out between NFC South teams, Brees made a nifty spin move to tie the game late and then lunged over the goal line from the 1 to win it in OT. We were about 3 minutes away from three ties in the first three weeks. Matt Ryan passed for 5 TDs in a losing effort. No word on whether or not John Lynch had looked into trading for him and signing him to a 137 million dollar contract.

Chiefs 38, 49ers 27- Pat Mahomes continued his torrid start, throwing for over 300 yds and 3 TDs, giving him 13 on the year. Jimmy G’s knee did not survive this run and he is out for the year with a torn ACL. All those prime time San Fran games are looking very appealing now.

Dolphins 28, Raiders 20- The Raiders have had three halftime leads. The Raiders are 0-3. I do not know why I want Gruden to fail so much but I am loving every second of it. Dolphins score 14 in the 4th and lead the AFC East with a 3-0 record.

Bills 27, Vikings 6- This was one of those games that shows that nobody has a clue what they are talking about when it comes to early season games. Bills looked horrible in their first two games and then smacked the shit out of the Vikings on their own field. They might need to bring in another kicker.

Eagles 20, Colts 16- Carson Wentz had his first game action since tearing his ACL back in December. I drafted him in fantasy and have been playing Andy Dalton in his absence. More weeks like this from him and I’ll be sticking with the Ginger Rocket. Andrew Lucks’ shoulder appears to be strong. Look at this Hail Mary at the end of regulation. What a bomb!

Redskins 31, Packers 17- Did not see much of this game but I do know AP ran for over 100 yards and Clay Matthews got called for another silly roughing the passer penalty. Didn’t seem to miss much.

Panthers 31, Bengals 21- The Ginger Rocket did me wrong with his 4 picks against a not so good Carolina defense. Cam Newton had himself a game and yet another outrageous post game outfit. Keep them coming, Cam.

Titans 9, Jaguars 6- Nothing to say about this annual stinker. I have no evidence to back this up but this is the 4th straight year these teams have played a game consisting of only field goals.

Ravens 27, Broncos 14- They better have a lot of MattressFirms in Colorado because Case Keenum is falling back to earth hard and needs something comfortable to land on. Broncos are gonna stink this year. I care not about the Ravens either.

Giants 27, Texans 22- No better feeling to be winning by 45 points in fantasy then seeing that lead evaporate because of a late game comeback attempt by Deshaun Watson that ultimately fell short. Texans are 0-3 and are the only team the Pats looked like an actual team against. Not sure what that means but I do not like it.

Rams 35, Chargers 23- I was working for the 4 o’clock games and did not see much of them. All I know is that Rams D and Todd Gurley helped my fantasy game get out of reach this week. Pretty entertaining game from the highlights but Rams were just too much.

Bears 16, Cardinals 14- Sam Bradford stinks and this was the game the coach Steve Wilkes realized it. After fumbling the ball away late, Bradford was benched in favor of the rookie from UCLA. Bradford is now waiting to be traded to the 49ers, where John Lynch will no doubt sign him to a 167 million dollar contract.

Seahawks 24, Cowboys 13- In need of a win, the Seahawks got what they wanted at home. Russell Wilson was efficient and the Hawks were able to overcome 120+ rushing yards from Zeke. Dak Prescott does not seem to be getting any better.

Lions 26, Patriots 10- At some point the Pats will be a normal team and that may be coming faster than anyone thought. They looked horrible during every second of this game. I’m not sure if he has fallen off the cliff or his receivers stink(probably this) but Tom Brady looked uncomfortable all night. Congrats to Matty P on getting his first career victory at the expense of his mentor. Real nice, Matt.

Steelers 30, Bucs 27- Fitzmagic made a valiant effort late in this game to comeback, but three early picks and the fact that he is Ryan Fitzpatrick helped seal the deal for Pittsburgh.

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