National Day Challenge Sept 20-Sept 30

Just because I haven’t posted them does not mean I have not been doing them. Some days I am going to skip posting because the quality of the video/sound is not good. I got a new phone so the recording should be a lot better going forward. You know, just in case one of the 2 people that reads every questions the validity of it all. Lets get started. 

Sept 20

Fried Rice Day- Went to the food court at the local mall and ate some fried rice with the animals.

String Cheese Day-

Sept 21

POW/MIA Recognition Day- I know these stickers on the back of cars used to scare me when I was a kid. Not because the POW/MIAs were scary but just because I was a big baby and the stickers themselves were scary.  I recognize that the POW/MIAs are much stronger people than I.

Sept 22

White Chocolate Day- One of the videos I have but do not think the quality is that good. If I ever have to testify to the existence of this video I can produce it.

Sept 23

Daughters Day- I do not have any daughters but I am fond of this song by John Mayer.

Sept 24

Punctuation Day- I will write this sentence with the correct punctuation.

Sept 25

One Hit Wonders- This song fucks.

Sept 26

Dumpling Day-

Sept 27

Crush a Can Day-

Chocolate Milk Day-

Sept 28

Drink Beer Day- There are a lot of videos of me drinking beer on here. And trust me, i drank a beer on Friday.

Sept 29

Coffee Day-

Sept 30

Chewing Gum Day- I was able to get all 72 inches in my mouth.

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