National Day Challenge Dec 1-4

It has been a while since I updated this blog. Mainly due to laziness and somewhat due to the never-ending amounts of eating food that this requires, I took a break. But I promised you, the no people reading this, that I would finish this and do a whole year. Obviously that won’t happen  but 10 months is good enough. Lets get started.


Dec 1

Eat Red Apple Day- Even though the first thing back is food, its at least healthy food.

Dec 2

Mutt Day- Growing up, I had a couple dogs. Describing them as just “mutts” is putting it nicely. These may have been the worst dogs known to mankind. Just look at them for christ’s sake!




Dec 3

Roof Over Your Head Day- Pretty self-explanatory one here.


Dec 4

Dice/Socks/Cookie Day- Found a way to tie these all together.

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