I Tried Parking on Exeter Street. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

So I had to run into Back Bay today. I parked on Exeter Street. Very windy outside the car.I went to the meter to pay for parking. I hit max amount ($7.50/2 hrs. Thanks Back Bay!) I went to stick the ticket on the window and “WHOOSH!!” A big gust of wind sends my ticket soaring high in the air. Immediately gone. I go back and get a second ticket. I pay, get my ticket, am a little more cautious and as I go to stick it on the window but again, “WHOOSH!” My second ticket disappears into the abyss up above. I’m completely flustered. The people working out in the building behind are laughing at me, no doubt. I go BACK AGAIN, pay for a ticket and head back to the car, determined to not get got again. I sit in the car and secure the ticket before I finally got out and headed towards my destination. l

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