In Least Shocking News Ever, Lady Gaga is Single Again. Bradley is on the Clock.

Anyone who has seen “A Star is Born” knew this day would come. Hell, anyone who just saw the press tour for the movie probably had an idea this was coming. The sexual energy between LGags and BCoops is explosive. Nobody is stopping this relationship from happening. Nobody. Sorry, Irina, you may be a Russian supermodel but you do not stand a chance against the oncoming Gagapocalypse. In the 3 minute Google Image search I just conducted, not one of your pictures with Bradley comes close to matching the picture up above with Gaga on her knees looking up at your man. But you’ve had Ronaldo and Bradley, so I’m sure you will land on your feet. The smart thing for you to do now is just step aside and let us all enjoy the LadyCoops Era. You owe us for Trump.

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