“Leaving Neverland” Latest in String of Documentaries That Tell People What They Already Know.

After premiering to protests at Sundance last month, the documentary “Leaving Neverland” debuted on HBO last night.  The documentary details allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck against the late Michael Jackson. The stuff they are accusing him of is heinous to say the least. How much of it is true? Who knows, but there are enough questions around these two accusers to at least cast a wary eye at them. The only question I have is why was this documentary made?

Honestly. Is it just to beat it into people’s brains that the King of Pop was creepy? Uh, ya think? Oh, R. Kelly’s a pedophile? Thanks for telling me something his sex tape already had.  I can not believe there are still people out there that know who these people are and don’t have at least a cursory understanding about their personal controversies. And if there are, they are now going to be the people that look down on me when I jam out to “The Way You Make Me Feel.” So a preemptive fuck you to those assholes. R. Kelly has been taken off of Spotify and BBC Radio has now stopped playing MJ. Again, theses aren’t new things in 2019. Every company is so afraid of Twitter shaming its disgusting. I’m going to make a new rule: If Dave Chappelle was making fun of you in 2005, that same thing can’t be used against you in 2019.

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