Is Mike Florio’s Transcriber a Homophobe? TLS Investigates.

As all of you reading this (nobody) knows, Antonio Brown went AWOL during the Bucs/Jets game on Sunday. When asked after the game Coach Bruce Arians had this to say about AB, “He is no longer a Buc. Alright that’s the end of the story. Lets talk about the guys who went out there and won us the game.” Now when you watch video of that quote on Pro Football Talk, the quotes are transcribed. But something got lost in translation as this is what pops up when you watch the transcribed video:

Uhh, excuse me? “The guys who won us the game” got turned into “the guys who were not turning 12 gay.” That’s a bit interesting. Now I do not know what service Florio uses for transcribing. It could all very well be a mistake made by a robot. But it just seems a bit weird. Brady has been criticized for his unwavering support of Brown in the face of so many controversies surrounding the wide receiver. You can make the argument that “game” could be turned into “gay” but what word was mistaken for the number “12”? My money is on Chris Simms, Florio’s co-host and known Brady hater, as being the rogue transcriber. I should note that I have no evidence to back this up whatsoever. But when the room stinks, the diapers probably full.

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