David Price Picked a Bad Time to Freak Out.

I like David Price. He had a pretty decent season last year all things considered. Sure, he didn’t win his playoff start, but none of the other Sox starters did either. People bitch that he is making 30 million a year but unless you are John Henry the amount he is getting paid should not matter at all. The absence of a salary cap makes his salary a non factor to me. (Spare me the luxury tax argument.) That being said, he picked a horrible time to lose his mind on the media. After being injured for two months, he has had one ok start and one pretty good one to start his season. The CHB actually wrote a decent piece on him, imploring fans to back off so I’m not really sure why he lost his mind on Evan Drelich for tweeting out a quote from the column. What I do know is that David Price does not like playing in Boston and that sucks. I’ll never forget watching him come out of the bullpen in the ’08 ALCS and just crush the Sox’ chance of winning Game 7. I’d just like to see him do it to someone else now.