National Day Challenge June 19-21

Had a lot of working and drinking to do but was able to get in a bunch of national day acknowledgements in the past week. Lets get started.

June 19

Martini Day- Pretty simple one to accomplish. martini

June 20

Vanilla Milkshake/Ice Cream Soda Day- Quite a delightful way to end my shift. 

Kouign Amann- A french pastry that can be stuffed or served plain. I had mine stuffed with Spinach and Feta. The app I’m using did not alert me to the fact that the Kouign Amann should be heated up. This was pretty gross. 

World Refugee Day- What do you mean, kids in cages? 

June 21

Daylight Appreciation Day/Dump the Pump- What a beautiful first day of summer to appreciate daylight and leave the car in the driveway. 

International Day of Yoga- Having done yoga hundreds of times in my life, I was reminded that I had not done yoga in a really long time. 

Peaches and Cream Day- Pretty straightforward. These are not good. 

World Music Day- In honor of the song that this blog is partially named after. 

Selfie Day- selfie1

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