National Day Challenge Aug 3-6

Had a fun time this weekend down the Cape/Martha’s Vineyard. I was able to squeeze in a lot of challenges with help from my lovely girlfriend who indulges me in all of this nonsense. Lets get started.

August 3

Watermelon Day- Lot of watermelon. Not a lot of time.

International Beer Day/Grab Some Nuts Day- Combined these two because there is nothing better to wash down some dry as shit walnuts with than a crappy imported beer.


Aug 4

Disc Golf Day-The weather didn’t really cooperate so our game had to be cut short. Did get a hole in though.

Chocolate Chip Cookie/Mustard Day- Anytime there are two food items in a day, I try to combine them. Yay. This also counts as Coast Guard Day because I was on a boat with life jackets when this was filmed. I make the rules to this thing.

Aug 5

Underwear Day- Just me in my underwear.


Oyster Day- I was on Martha’s Vineyard Sunday and had some really good oysters from Raw Bar 19. She didn’t give us all the oysters we ordered but I’ll chalk it up to her being French.

Friendship Day- Just sent out some nice texts to my closest friends. Whatever works I guess.


Aug 6

Fresh Breath Day-

Wiggle Your Toes Day- It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose….



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