People are Mad Online that John Wayne (born 1907) Said Some Racist Stuff to Playboy 50 years ago.

I am not sure why this a story anywhere. But Twitter exists so it has to be a story. I saw “John Wayne” trending and was not prepared for what I saw. Apparently he sat down for a Playboy Interview in 1971 and well, according to this loser on Twitter, the Duke is a giant POS.


To be fair to this loser, he says none of this surprised him. But you know he tweeted this out so some other loser could respond with “jeesh, I never knew someone known to be a xenophobic racist piece of shit could be such a xenophobic racist piece of shit.” The likes and retweet bonanza begins. None of this information on John Wayne was hidden. Yeah, hes a film icon and what not and he is the ideal American for a large portion of our stupid population but it doesn’t change the fact he was a shitty person. I’m not sure about many things in life. When I was younger, if I needed to know how to get to some place, I had to go to a gas station, buy a map, unfold it and then throw it away after one use because refolding it to its original position was an impossible task. The fact Google Maps exists blows my mind. However, what doesn’t blow my mind is that a white guy born in Iowa in 1907(!!!) might grow up to be a racist, xenophobic piece of shit. God, I hate Twitter.


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